Folkmoot – from two weeks to year-round!

“A strategic plan unveiled (April 9th) will revamp Folkmoot USA from a two-week summer festival to a year-around incubator for cultural engagement, community development and economic enrichment.”

That’s how The Mountaineer pretty accurately summed up the renewed vision for Folkmoot in the lead story of its April 13 edition.

“With a building of its own, plans are to re-energize the organization that has hosted 200 groups from about 100 countries in its 32 years of operation,” explained The Mountaineer, Haywood County’s 130-year-old newspaper.

Folkmoot Board Chair Rose Johnson
Folkmoot Board Chair Rose Johnson

“Part of the solution is a way to bring revenue into the organization while creating a ripple effect throughout the community. One of the Folkmoot buildings will become a hostel for traveling performers, students, bicyclists, boaters and hikers. The kitchen will be set up for a value-added food incubator, plus a cafeteria for ethnic food events.

“The multi-purpose room in the center is envisioned as a place for community dances, arts/crafts sales and other community events, while the auditorium will become a place to showcase local, regional, national and international talent.

“The overall vision involves plenty of interaction with the school system as well as a relationship with a sister city.

“The vision is a long-term one, said Rose Johnson, chairman of the Folkmoot board — one that could take a decade to realize.”

The great plans and the future of Folkmoot are all part of The Campaign for Folkmoot, led ably by Board Chair Rose Johnson, State Rep. Joe Sam Queen and fund-raiser Tom Ezell.

Much more information about Folkmoot’s future, the campaign, and all the exciting happenings around Folkmoot will also be part of the May Day at Folkmoot event set for May 2 at the Folkmoot Friendship Center. It will be the biggest party of the spring in Western Carolina so grab the family and come on out!


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