Folkmoot expands our community

Folkmoot expands our community.

No matter how one may view the annual Folkmoot Festival – North Carolina’s official international folk festival – or Folkmoot’s year-round activities and events, one amazing fact stands out: Folkmoot expands our community.

Folkmoot expands our horizons. Folkmoot broadens our frame of reference. Folkmoot takes us places to learn other cultures, other traditions, other people and other customs.

Folkmoot expands our community.

Folkmoot 2018 opens July 19 and runs through July 29 and will feature performing dance troupes from Ghana, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, Thailland and Northern Cyprus and Venezuela as well as Anglo Appalachian and, as always, Cherokee dancers and musicians. 

Ticket packages and tickets for individual performances are available here.

What is a community to you?

Folkmoot expands our communityA community can be defined as a unified body of diverse individuals, all interacting for the greater good in a shared environment. A characteristic of community is a shared commonality and most often we tend to gravitate towards those who are like us.

But stepping out of cultural comfort zones means experiencing new ways of living as well as expanding the knowledge we have about the world.

Community in the world today means so much more than what most people realize; the essence of community is diversity and inclusion, which means bringing our opinions together to make connections but also realizing it is our differences which make a community.

What hurts a community?

Political polarization is the tendency of people to band together around narrow views which ultimately separate and divide us from anyone with a divergent viewpoint. Political beliefs, economic status, religious perspectives, racial biases can all become intellectual vehicles for division and separation with the body politic.

What makes our world so special is our diversity: cultural, linguistic, political and religious. Instead of a world where we try to level ourselves to all be equal, why not accept our uniqueness, embrace it, share it with others so the world continues to learn and grow?

A community is like a flower garden: unique and diverse. Each flower adds to the quality of the garden with color, shape, size and fragrance. The best part? Flowers can grow and bloom beside another flower of different budding, maybe even adapt to the surrounding plants. Just like a garden, we can prosper and grow together despite our differences in political views.

It’s not impossible!

A sense of community, diversity and acceptance is exactly what you will find at Folkmoot. By engaging other countries and cultures, we are able to sublimate our communities into different dimensions of life and, through the process, more fully understand how beautiful it is being different from one another.

There will always be political aspects to a community but understanding divergent ideologies, disparate world views and endless varieties of customs and traditions will break the historical cycle of destruction despite our differences.

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Folkmoot expands our community