Folkmoot Ambassador – George Escaravage


George has been associated with Folkmoot since the early 1990s and served as President of the board. Neal Ensley, a dear friend of his, asked if he would like to join the Folkmoot Board of Directors and at the time George did not know what the organization was. Once he realized all Folkmoot gave to the community and to Western North Carolina, he gladly accepted.

George has many fond memories with the organization but his favorite is learning about his Basque Heritage. A member from the Basque group from several years ago, told George of a village in Basque called Escaravage. George and his wife plan to one day visit “their” village.

“My association with Folkmoot has been one of the best experiences in my life.  My family and I have enjoyed our relationships with literally thousands of people; from the everyday interaction with the troupe’s Directors, dancers and musicians to the several members of a Turkish group who lived with us for a week several years ago when they visited the USA thanks to a Rotary International grant.  My wife and three children have all volunteered at the Folkmoot Festivals and gained innumerable benefits from their own experiences.   I guess you can say Folkmoot is an Escaravage family affair!”

In 2015, Folkmoot introduced an ambassador program to recognize devoted community members, deeply committed financial contributors and past board members who remain active volunteers to the Folkmoot organization. To learn more about the Folkmoot Ambassador program or to become a Folkmoot Ambassador please email

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