Folkmoot After Dark: Three Events on One Night!

Three Events in one Night – Folkmoot After Dark!

A Fabulous Friendship Dinner, a Peace Lantern Parade and a Variety Show on July 25

There are few better ways to get to know folks than over a meal, especially if that meal is rich in its flavors, its history, its family traditions (and recipes), passed along generation after generation. Folkmoot’s international guests are supporting a community friendship dinner featuring popular recipes from their cultures.

Call 828-452-2997 to buy tickets by phone for either date

Starting in the heart of the Hazelwood business district, Folkmoot, Daydreamz Project and the Town of Waynesville will host a lantern procession on the evening of Thursday, July 25th. At 8:30 pm, folks will gather at the Plott Hound statue in the Town of Waynesville parking lot. At 9pm, the lantern parade will proceed up Hazelwood Avenue and towards the Folkmoot Center on Virginia Avenue.

Call 828-452-2997 to buy tickets by phone

Folkmoot welcomes the community for a latenight Variety Show, featuring both international guests and community members sharing cultural performances, often in jest, sometimes in reference to our common experiences. Be prepared to experience a new side of Folkmoot. Tickets are $10/person, but are included in the price of the Friendship Dinner.

Call 828-452-2997 to buy tickets by phone