Folkmoot 2017: Šaleško folklorno društvo Koleda of Slovenia

The folk dance group Koleda, founded in 1971,  comes to Haywood County from Velenje, Slovenia. The talented members of the troupe devote much of their time to practicing folk music and dance. The program includes different dances from various regions of Slovenia. The main goal of the group is “…faithfulness to the ethnographic authenticity of dances, folk songs, and costumes.”

Koleda has performed throughout Slovenia as well as internationally. Countries the team has visited include, France, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Germany, Portugal, U.S., Russia, Croatia, Austria, China, Finland, Taiwan, and more.

The team performs classic dances such as dances from Zilja Valley, Stajerska Region, Oglarjina Pohorski Svatbi, Noranjska Region, Prekmurje, Bela Krajina, Ki za kolo, Rezija, and Istra. These types of dances range from fast-paced and festive to gentle and harmonious. The musical instruments used during performances include the accordion, contrabass, clarinet, and guitar.

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