Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude is something we all hope we express daily.  Here at Folkmoot, that thanks is for the individuals, community partners and businesses that have helped energize and reinvigorate our organization and festival over the last year.

Some time ago, Folkmoot staff decided to pick a time when we consciously showed our gratitude by focusing on it for a month.  Now is that time, the month that celebrates giving thanks, and you are appreciated!

To start, I’d like to point out the bit list of sponsors at the footer of this page.  It truly takes a village to make the Folkmoot organization thrive and the sponsors listed below play a big role in that effort.

Please join us in thanking these organizations and the others you will see in the coming weeks. Together, we are building community, understanding and affection between people with differences, from all over the planet.

With friendship and appreciation,

Angie Schwab, Executive Director


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