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Cultural Crash Course: #MeToo: Victories & Challenges (Online)

The #MeToo movement has been hailed as the next wave of global feminism. As stories of abuse and sexual harassment became public starting in October of 2017, a sense of optimism and progress was in the air. More than two years later, we examine the progress and the backlash, as well as the long-term implications of the movement for gender equality. Dr. Bego’s  research interests focus on issues of democratization, gender and politics, global governance and public policy.

Dr. Ingrid Bego is a professor of Political Science and Public Affairs at Western Carolina University and serves as the International Studies Director. Dr. Bego earned a BA from Washburn University where she triple majored in political science, German, and Spanish. She then went on to graduate school at Washington State University to earn an MA and PhD in Political science. 

Her years of teaching experience has portrayed a very passionate career stemming from her own desire to continue learning. Her commitment to the classroom has helped guide her towards a teaching philosophy where the ultimate goal is to feel empowered and eager to analyze the political process and see it as more than an abstract notion. 

Along with her efforts in the classroom, Dr. Bego’s research, she describes, “lay at the intersection of comparative democratization and Europeanization literature.” In July 2015, she published a book titled: “Gender Equality Policy in the European Union” analyzing case studies regarding domestic and international actors and how they affect gender equality. She maintains an informational site about her research and teaching at


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