TO BE RESCHEDULED: Cultural Conversations: Cultural Conversations: “Say His Name – Healing from our Collective Cultural Trauma in the age of George Floyd”, Session Two (Online)

Session Two: Establishing Trust & Respect Across Differences

Trust comes from a pattern of behavior that includes respect. In this session, we will explore historical instances that have damaged trust and respect and consider how we might reintroduce the case for civility and justice.

Dr. Dana Patterson has worked with Folkmoot for three years to engage the Folkmoot community with resources that have helped to deconstruct our deeply held cultural beliefs that cause unhealthy, sometimes racist behaviors. Dana’s approach is of acceptance and building new awareness, where participants are welcomed to make mistakes and examine their preconceived thoughts and feelings. Online classes will be participatory, interactive and a safe learning environment for people of all backgrounds. Cultural Conversations will be expanded in the spring to include in-person training events for the community, student groups, businesses and corporations.

Workshop will be held via Zoom and Facebook Live, once a month, between August and December always on Tuesday

Ticket price: $25 per session, or $100 for five sessions (Package available until August 11)

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