Celebrate the dance & food of India!

Celebrate the dance & food of India in a special Folkmoot Family International Dinner on March 11!

The Folkmoot Friendship Center, 112 Virginia Avenue in Waynesville, will become festooned with the sights, sounds, colors and flavors of the Indian sub-continent and everyone is invited to participate, 6 p.m. Tickets prices are $10 for adults & parents and $5 for children but families will pay not more than $30 for the lush, entertaining and delicious evening. Tickets are available online here or by calling the Folkmoot ticket office, 828.452.2997.

Aparna Keshaviah
Aparna Keshaviah

International scholar and acclaimed dancer/teacher Aparna Keshaviah, a Folkmoot alumnus, will lead teach students of Haywood schools about northern Indian folk dances.

Although she’s teaching students about folk dances, Keshaviah is scholar and renowned expert in Bharatanatyam, a form of classical Indian dance lauded for centuries for its grace, elegance, purity, tenderness, expression and sculpture-like poses.

“I seek to modernize Bharatanatyam so that it may captivate abbreviated attention spans of global audiences,” Keshavian explains. “My choreography is rooted in inherited movement vocabulary, but strips away religious and linguistic encumbrances.  Through rhythm and basal movement  – abstract elements that provide space into which audiences can enter – I’ve developed an expressive physicality to rejuvinate narrative story-telling and make Bharatanatyam more accessible.”

Meaghann Lynne
Meaghann Lynne

The evening, ticketed event will feature Meaghann Lynne, a talented, Waynesville dance teacher who will lead Rajasthani Dance.  She will start with a traditional Rajasthani children’s game and then speak about the history of this dance.  And, yes, attendees will also get to dance! 

Lynne is director of Raqs Beledi’s award wining theatrical troupe, The RaqShuraka Dance Company, and Raqs Malaika, an Improvisational Tribal Style troupe. She is also the founder of the Hathor Sisterhood School of Bellydance curriculum. Meaghann is a dancer with Raqs Beledi’s professional troupe and Mahsati Janan’s Qamari Dance Collective. Her mission in dance for herself is to strengthen her heart and soul as well as her body.

This will be an fascinating and enchanting evening for the whole family.

Aparna Keshaviah dancing at the 2015 UNC-Asheville ArtsFest:

Rajasthani Dance:

Folkmoot thanks the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina for supporting Folkmoot’s year-round programming initiatives.

The Folkmoot Friendship Center is located at 112 Virginia Avenue in Waynesville. Again, call (828) 452-2997 to register or request more information by clicking here

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Celebrate the dance & food of India!