Bugling of the Elk in Cataloochee Valley

Among the many treasures of Western North Carolina, Haywood County in particular, is the late-summer, early-fall treat of hearing and seeing the bugling of the elk in Cataloochee Valley.

Re-introduced into their native territory by the National Park Service in 2001, the elk population is thriving in the relatively remote corner of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. But for those willing to hike in or drive a gravel, winding road into the valley, the bugling of the elk is one of nature’s grandest soundscapes.

The male elk begin bugling in late summer to call the females for breeding time.

Our friends and Folkmoot sponsors, the Haywood County Tourist Development Authority, posted this short video on YouTube as a quick glimpse into the valley and the suddenly boisterous hooved and horned creatures: (And, in case you missed it a few characters back, the website is VisitNCSmokies.com.

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Bugling of the Elk in Cataloochee Valley