Blood Drive is set for Folkmoot on June 1

A community blood drive is set for Folkmoot on June 1.

The mobile blood donation unit, the bloodmobile, will be parked in front of the Folkmoot Friendship Center from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. All types of blood are needed.

The blood drive is being held in conjunction with the Music Saves Lives organization and Vans Warped Tour ’16, which has a stop in Charlotte on July 5.

Folkmoot is providing space for the bloodmobile and encouraging Folkmoot supporters and friends to take a few minutes out of the day next Wednesday to donate.

Blood Drive is set for Folkmoot on June 1“Folkmoot is trying to give back and interact with the community as much as possible,” said Angie Schwab, Folkmoot executive director. “The facility is perfect for hosting these kinds of charitable events and Folkmoot would like to do so as much as possible. Our community has given so much to us we want to give as much as we can back to the community.”

Blood donors will also have the chance to win an exclusive Vans Warped Tour Experience which includes two concert tickets and meet-n-greets with select bands. These packages allow access to areas not open to the general public. Donors get what the tour calls TBC Reward Points every time blood is donated. More donations – depending, of course, on one’s health – increase the chance of winning and getting prizes

Music Saves Lives® is has the mission to educate about important life-saving causes and to use all forms of music and entertainment to motivate to get the message out.

The organization’s mission is to: inspire people with a simple concept; connect the music and entertainment we all love to life-saving community action. Music Saves Lives started its mission to education about the importance of blood donation and the bone marrow registry, sharing facts, educating and empowering youth.

Music Saves Lives encourages participation, and commitment to action in a life saving way. These simple commitments, like donating blood, running a blood drive, and registering for the marrow program to save those with leukemia and other blood disorders, all connect back to strengthening the community.As a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, we have grown from our home base in Southern California to a worldwide presence. We started in late 2005, and grown to reach millions of students. Our goals are simple and our action is incredibly effective. We learned that the youth of today has a desire to do something good and with relevant motivating education, lives can be changed. “Saving Lives Has Never Sounded So Good™”

Music Save Lives partners in this worthy effort include the American Red Cross and others.


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Blood Drive is set for Folkmoot on June 1