Building Access Ramps at Folkmoot with Stephen Wenzel

by Samantha Ray

Stephen Wenzel is a Eagle Scout who is building ADA access ramps at the Folkmoot center. He is 17 years old and he grew up around the festival. Here is some information about the project.


Q: What does ADA access mean?

A: ADA Access is handicap accessible ramps that allow equal access to people with disabilities.

Q: Why are you working on getting handicap ramps put around the center?

A: It would be great for the community. Many people will benefit from the project. I am also doing it for my Eagle Scout Project for Boy Scouts. It is a requirement for the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in scouting.

Q: How long have you known about folkmoot?

A: I’ve known about Folkmoot all of my life. My mom and dad met each other during the festival. My mom was part of the Romanian Group and my dad was helping out with Folkmoot.

Q: What will these ramps mean for the center?

A: These ramps will give easier access into the building for people with disabilities.

Q: Is there anything the community can do to help this project?

A: Absolutely! They can:

  • Mail in a check of the amount of their choosing to Folkmoot at 112 Virginia Avenue, Waynesville NC, 28721
  • Contact Folkmoot by phone at 1(828) 452-2997
  • Log onto GoFundMe and search for a Project called “ADA Access to the Friendship Center”.

Q: When do you estimate that the ramps will be finished and usable?

A: By the first week of June.

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