A Celebration of American Cultural Diversity

America, the mosaic of world culture. What does American Cultural Diversity mean to you?

Folkmoot’s celebration of American Cultural Diversity recognizes the generations of tradition passed down to be spread and learned from. Diversity in its essence highlights the many ways people view the world, and the respect one gives diversity opens their world up to so much. 

The cultures that compose the cultural phenomena we see everyday effect us more than you may realize. From architecture to food and from dance to music, all of the flavors that makes one an American are attributed to cultural exchange.

The 2021 Summerfest distinguished ten artistic expressions easily found around the United States. For example, the Deeksha School of Performing Arts, showcased classical Indian dancing and educated their audience about authentic Indian perspectives about the mind, body, and soul.

Folkmoot finds it important to appreciate the 4 million Indian-Americans that contribute to the diversity that feed our perspectives, advance our culture,  and foster a beautiful mix of people in one place. 

Our slogan, “Many Cultures, One Community” is so meaningful when the many cultures that join us in Haywood County to build a bridge between our ways of life. 

Alongside Classical Indian Dance, Folkmoot presented the following artistic expressions:

  • Irish Dance
  • Tejana Conjunto Music
  • Tap and Lindy
  • Cherokee Stories and Dance
  • Cajun Swamp Rock Music 
  • Latin Dance
  • African Music, Dance, and Song
  • Clogging

This list can be seen as a list of gifts from around the world. Each performance has their own story and own origin. Folkmoot, as an organization, is eternally thankful to take part in this journey and to be able to share it with its community. 

For 37 years, Folkmoot has been celebrating diversity and each year we find a new way to do so. Thank you for joining us as we spread mutual respect and understanding. 




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