45% of the Way to Completing our Computer Fundraiser!

We want to say thank you to the donors who have helped us achieve reaching 45%!  Big thanks go out to Carolyn Gonzalez, Patsy Wells, Laura Ivey, Pat Wells, Karen Babcock, Rolf Kaufman, Andy Cooke, Irvine Cherry, John Tederstrom, and Aaron & Anna Morris!

Would you like to contribute yourself?  Please visit http://power2give.org/NorthCarolina/Project/Detail?projectId=8374.  We receive all donations at the end, even if we don’t achieve our goal,and we consider replacing any of the computers to be a step in the right direction.  Our generous donors have made it where we know we can purchase 2 of the 4 computers!  Every donation gets us a little closer to one more new computer.  We really appreciate the donations!

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